December 27, 2010

kullen - eighteen months

i am late on my post! mainly because my little dude was sick for an entire week PLUS christmas totally snuck up on me! but here i am - talking about my 18 month old kid. can you even believe it? how did EIGHTEEN months pass me by? my boy is growing and learning so quickly, i can hardly keep up!

lets see - in my seventeenth month post i said i was trying to teach you to chomp for teeth and boy, you've got it! :D you know where hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, fingers, button, butt and pigs are. we're working on shoulders [shrugging] currently!

you are my most musical child, seriously. you sing ALL the time and can actually carry a tune. you don't have the words down quite yet but i can tell what you're singing by your tune or hand movements. you're current favs are: itsy-bitsy spider, ABC, skidamarinky dinky and of course twinkle twinkle.

this month has marked something big for us me! you've called me MOMMY! and MORE than once, hence the mention in the post! you still refer to me as 'mamaaaaaa' more often than not but whenever i get that 'mommy', my heart smiles!

your favorite show is STILL yo gabba gabba. anytime it comes on, you're sucked right in! and you got TONS of yo gabba gabba stuff for christmas so you're one happy ham right now! you are also in love with baby einsteins! you've always loved them but now that you're a little older, you like them even more. you even interact with them!

you're becoming a little CAPS fan. your dada and i have tought you 'LETS GO CAPS!' which in your language sounds like 'BA BE BAPPPPPS' but you totally know what it means. whenever hockey is on TV - you shout it loud! talk about making your dada proud!

you are SO vocal these days. you walk around babbling like crazy, talking in your own little language and i personally think it's the cutest thing on earth!
you'll even grab your fake cell phone and babble while holding it up to your ear! speaking of - you're mimicking quite a lot these days. you copy me and your dada all the time! a little scary!

new this month:
blowing [and on demand]. your babysitter got you an awesome little cake that lights up and when you blow on it, the lights go out. you love it!
closed mouth kisses followed by an mmmm-ahhh! you get tons of practice because i'm always saying "hey, gimme kiss" ;]
jumping. and getting a LITTLE height!
words: ouch. uh-oh [all the time], *mommy*
  you're still signing 'more' and 'please' but more often you are SAYING the words versus signing them.
  you also make this sound like 'ehhhh?' when you want to know what something is. i'm not sure i want to teach you to replace 'ehhh?' with 'what's this' just yet. sometimes you say your version of 'thissssss' but not often and i'm happy with that.
  you also say something that resembles 'mine' now and then. i'm trying to deter you from that word! same with NO. you haven't really said that yet either and again, i'm FINE with that. we did have a little head shaking one day but you haven't done it since. haha! PTL!

at eighteen months you LOVE to color. we got you an art easel for christmas and you absolutely LOVE it. you also love to sweep/clean. if i am wiping something, you typically want a wipe of your own so you can clean!

you're also quite the independent little dude. you want your own silverware and to feed yourself although you REALLY don't do well with it. [sorry bub!] you also love to shower now and would probably prefer that over a bath! you want to brush your own hair and teeth after your tub as well! oh, and drinking from a sippy - SO LAST MONTH! or at least, you WISH it could be that way. i find you drink more from my cup than your sippy now-a-days. if only you could resist the urge to tip the cup straight up causing it to spill all over the place!
speaking of drinking - after every sip, you go 'AHHHH!'. as if it was the best thing you've ever drank! you also say MMMM if something is tasty! ;]

although i really wish you'd stop growing and be my little baby forever, i am SO proud of you. you are learning so much and so quick and you crack me and adam up with your crazy little personality! there is never a dull moment in our house, that's for sure!


Diana said...

Happy 18 Months, Kullen :) Time for another yet, mom? lol.

The Best of Both Worlds said...

So I think I'm finally caught up. This made me cry. Babies, children kids...grow entirely too much! I wish I had a shrink ray LOL. Your so great at blogging about Kullen & all that he does each month! Wish I were better!