December 21, 2010

bokeh and santa!

we took kullen to see santa this weekend and to my surprise, it went well! :) i really thought he would have a cow especially considering what a monster he was while we waited in line! he stared at santa with his 'who in the world is this' look but didn't freak so mama was proud :]
& he's had enough ...

i also got some great bokeh shots over the weekend! since i got the nikon 3100, i haven't really gotten to experiment with it! [between you and me - i'm still a little upset that i didn't spend the extra money and get the 5000 again] i'm beginning to realize the 3100 is just as great of a camera as the 5000, i just need to adjust to the different settings and such! i'll get there. merry [bokeh] christmas! :D

[this is how i first started capturing the bokeh!]
[& this was an accident but i love how it turned out!]

and in other news - kullen loves kazi ♥

disclaimer: i didn't get to edit or watermark my pictures. i hurt my shoulder and have a screaming kullen who wants out of the tub!

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Jeska said...

yay! great bokeh. The second one is a cool mistake! i love the 3100 :)