November 17, 2010

please and thank you

hey poagies ;] (do you like this new name i made up for you all? hehe)

i have been contemplating a name change for a while. don't get me wrong, i adore my current blogsy name 'a tale of three poags' BUT if all goes accordingly, we will be adding a fourth poag soon. i don't want to keep changing the number as we add kids so i've been trying to think of something that i can stick with forever!

i'm in between two and would love some feedback!

poag's place


anyone have anything more creative? Lord knows i need help!

also - i wanted to thank everyone for continuing to read my sometimes boring blog! i appreciate you all and want you to know that i read all your blogs. i promise to comment more and be more blog-involved!


The Scarlett Letters said...

I love poagtales (like It's what it made me thing of. I love your blogs. I'm just starting to blog so take a look at mine also. It is La Scarlett is also link with Aunt Clarissa's...luv ya

Jennifer Kay said...

I gotta have a phonetical spelling because I would say it like POG but maybe that's not how it's said? If it is like POG then I definitely like poagtales as your forever name!

kaley said...

hey aunt scarlett! welcome to the addiction known as blogging!

and jennifer .. i'm sorry! i always forget about pronounciation! as my husband says 'it's long O silent A' haha! so - poag like hoagie minus the IE ahaha!

MandeeFoFandee said...

I like Poagtales the best! what about PoagPack? kinda like an animal pack... since you call Kullen your cub?

Diana said...

I love poag's place :) Adding another?! SUPER excitinggg!!!! Good luck!!

Mel said...

i like poagtales the best! your son is so adorable and good luck in the adding to the family! that's always the fun part :)