November 7, 2010

giving thanks [weekend edition]

since i had a super busy day yesterday - shutterfly party, 2hr trip to baltimore [UGH] and tosh show - i didn't get a chance to blog, hence the weekend edition. this will be a two part blog.

i'm thankful for laughter.
laughter truly is medicine for the soul. not that i was in desperate need of soul healing yesterday - but i had A LOT of laughs.
i had a few of my girlfriends over for the shutterfly party, where laughs were abundant. it's great to sit around with your friends and laugh at each other and with each other. when laughter is plentiful, the day is good.

later that evening we went to a comedy show! [which was something on my 101 list - blog to follow] making some laugh is definitely a talent. some people do it without knowing and some people work hard at it but either way, the result is the same. laughter. and it's contagious!

i couldn't imagine a world without laughter. it's something we do as a reaction and comes so second nature to us but we still need to be appreciative of it. could you imagine, if laughter didn't exist. i couldn't which is why i decided to dedicate one post to laughter! :)

i'm thankful for my grandparents. i was lucky enough to get to know both sets of my grandparents but unfortunately, my moms parents passed away when i was young. i did know them and have some fond memories with them and definitely consider myself and know that i am lucky for that.

i'm extra lucky because my other set [my dads parents] are both still alive. in fact - my nana blogs :)
both my grandparents have been huge influences in my life and continue to be to this day. i can't even begin to express how thankful i am for them and everything they do, not only for me but our entire family.

their house is a place that i call home. nothing beats the smell of nana&grandy's house, probably because nana always has something ahhhh-mazing she's made for us! their house is FOUR stories. the addict has served as my grandy's study, a place to store my dads belongings and now my uncles. the third story has all the bedrooms, including my nana and grandys which is almost like a secret room ;] the main floor has a formal living room, a formal dining room, a kitchen and a HUGE HUGE HUGGGGEEE family room with a bathroom and dining room attached. you can exit through either dining area to the porch which is partially covers and currently holds my nana's 'things' [ehehe]. the basement is nana's sewing room. she used to teach sewing so she has like 5 sewing machines down there - plus enough fabric and patterns to fill a joanne's fabric ;] i love their home and they know it. they've often talked of selling it to get something smaller and any time i hear it - i immediately respond with 'NO WAY!'

i'm extra EXTRA thankful because they have gotten to meet and know my son. it's very rare for people to have kids and have their GRANDPARENTS there to meet them and i acknowledge and understand that and it makes me extra grateful.

i wish everyone had two amazing people in their lives like i do. i can look up to them for a multitude of reasons. obviously, they are my biggest role model when it comes to love and marriage. they have been married for over 50 years. they are high school sweethearts and have saw each other through everything. they have four kids, eight grandkids, 1 great-grandson and they are about to have their first great-granddaughter on thursday! [yep, my cousin amanda is having addison on thursday!!!]

i love that i can pick up the phone and call them whenever. i wish i could get in the car and drive to see them whenever i want but being they live 7+hours away, it makes it slightly difficult. but i still try to see them a couple times a year. i love them both SO much and i am MOST thankful for them.

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Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

That brought a tear to my eye, but a good one. I'm so proud and thankful for you, and the wonderful wife and mother you've become. Love ya.