November 4, 2010

giving thanks [two]

i know it's only day two, but i'm having trouble already trying to decide which ONE thing to choose. lord help me, i'm in for a longggg month.

i decided today that i'm thankful for my job. [disclaimer - probably the ONLY time you see these words being typed from my fingers] here is my reason why: i am home today. [HA!]

yesterday, while at work, my eyes started to feel really funny, i was seeing dark spots and grey shadows and had that 'omigoodness i might pass out' feeling. i went down to the nurse to make sure my eyes were functioning and that i wasn't going blind [which i wasn't] and although my blood pressure was high [what else is new] - there was nothing wrong with me or my eyes. throughout the day, i still felt funny and my head was beginning to hurt. as the evening when on, my headache began to grow. i ended up going to sleep around 8:30 but was up frequently due to this headache. when my alarm went off at 5:20, i knew there was no way that i was going into work especially in the rain.

so, i got to spend the day home with my little man. a lot of people don't have the freedom to take off whenever they want, and granted, i don't have THAT much freedom but i do have the freedom to take off here and there AND still get paid for it.
and since i have been working my BUTT off at my job, i don't feel guilty in the least bit. there used to be a time where i'd feel guilty for calling in sick, but not today. it was nice to spend the day resting and relaxing with my main [little] man.

so all in all, i'm thankful for my job. i would still prefer to be able to stay home with kullen but since i can't, i'm glad i have a job that gives me some freedom and pays well!

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