November 16, 2010

giving thanks - thirteen


i am EXTREMELY thankful for the internet - thank you bill gates group of researchers and scientists at the Advanced Research Projects Agency. [and yes, i got that FROM the internet]
without the net, i would not be typing this blog. i guess i would be journaling, but not about the above mentioned topic hence the previous statement being true, i would NOT be typing this! phew.

i'm so thankful that if i don't know something [which happens often] i can whip out my fancy droiiiiiiid or the laptop and google to find the answer. it's especially handy because a lot of smarty pants people post informative things on the internet and it saves people like me from having to find a book or do TONS of research on my own. i like being able to go to the internet to find out about fertility AND be able to chart it there as well.

 i love that i can write and post about my sons life and if all goes accordingly, be able to go back to the site 30 years from now and read what i've wrote. same goes for pictures. there are numerous sites that allow for uploading, sharing, and ordering pictures. [shutterfly being the best!]

i'm thankful for social networking sites like blogspot and facebook that allow me to reconnect and stay connected with friends. i can show them my life in one site and vice versa. we can catch up without even talking if we feel like it.

all in all the internet is amazing and i am thankful for it! for without IT - so many things we enjoy today would not be possible!


Unknown said...

agreed! Oh, where do you chart?

Vanessa said...

I have to agree with everything you wrote- I'm grateful for the internet and social networking; hell, I make my living as an internet marketer now. The internet is a huge part of my life and i'm so glad it's here. =D When it's come for too long it's like I'm missing a friend.

You blog is SO cute. I'll be back for more, but for now, time to skim your archives a bit!