November 18, 2010

giving thanks - fourteen


i thought about saving this thankful post until the very last one because after all, i am most thankful for him, but i decided tonight was a good night!

this little man has changed my life in SO many ways and all for the better. you always hear about kids changing people but until it actually happens to you, you won't understand. it's indescribable how you can love something SO much without even knowing them. typically, it takes months/years to fully know a person and proclaim true love, but not with a child. the second you first lay eyes on them, you know you're life will never be the same.

words can't even describe how thankful that i am for the blessing that is my son. he is perfect in every way to me. yeah, his poo stinks and his attitude sucks sometimes but at the end of the day, i can't imagine my life without him. in fact, it's hard to even remember my life before him.

as soon as i wake up every morning, i can't wait to get him and smell his cute morning breath and hear him say 'hiiiiii' [even if he cries for 15 minutes first]. no matter how crappy of a day that i have, i can hear his voice through the phone [when talking to adam] and i'm instantly in a better mood. watching him learn something is like winning the lottery, nothing makes me happier! and you thought holidays were fun BEFORE kids - oh my lord. just wait!

i'm thankful that he is healthy! he has all ten fingers and all ten toes. he is growing like crazy and 'off the charts' in my eyes :) his personality amazes me daily. i couldn't have asked God for a better kid.

 i have been SO blessed with him and i know and appreciate it. PTL!

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