November 5, 2010

giving thanks [day three]

ah, i am thankful for FRIDAYS.
i absolutely love a friday where i have no plans. there is really nothing that makes me happier than knowing i can do whatever i want needs to be done, stay up late and not have to worry about getting up early in the morning. [although, kullen usually wakes up around seven anyway!]

another thing i love is heading up to bed at 8:30 and knowing i don't even have to go to bed for hours!
we are currently in our bedroom :0 kullen is running around the bed, hub is watching the game [GO CAPS!] and i am at my desk and this is a perfect evening. we cleaned up a bit and had dinner at outback, where kullen was a terrrrrrror but overall - it was a perfect night. we even got dessert! :D

sometimes i'm so exhausted from the week that it's hard for me to enjoy these ahhhh-mazing friday nights but not tonight my friends. i had a day off yesterday and only worked a half day today so needless to say - i am READY for this friday.

once little gaahhh heads to bed and my caps DEFEAT boston [disclaimer - i typically love me some northern teams but NOT NOT NOTTTTTTTT when it comes to hockey!] the hub and i will be watching 'hot tub time machine' and enjoying our friday -nothavingtogetupandgotoworkinthemorning - night :)

so, here's to friday nights. i am thankful for thee!

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