October 12, 2010

a picture from the ground

happy tuesday!
i had such a productive and busy weekend that i haven't even had the time to blog :[ although i'm planning a nice weekend recap/catch up blog so stay tuned.
monday was columbus day so i was able to have the day off with my little lovebug and mid-day, as i was walking by my front door something caught my eye.
for the past couple months, the hub and i have noticed fairly big 'holes' in our yard and mulch 'bed'. i always assumed snakes and joked about it. well, yesterday, i found the culpret and of couuuurse took advantage of the opportunity by taking a shot. first one off my October Photo Hunt challenge! :D

- take a shot from the ground -
[so here it is, the GRUB that is tearing up the yard!]


Kathy said...

awww, he is soo cuteee!

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

So cute and colorful. I've been working frantically on my scavenger list. Just did my something from the kitchen shot. All I'll say is it's pink!