October 7, 2010

photo hunt!

I decided to particpate in the October 2010 Photo Hunt Challenge thanks to mandee! she talked me into it :) not like it was hard, any excuse to use my camera and hopefulllllllly use my birthday present - PHOTOSHOP - AHEM, HUSBAND! i know you read this, or at least i know you will since i plan on texting you as soon as i hit publish, telling you to read my blog ;]
anyway - i've never done a photo hunt before but i think it will be tons-o-fun! ;] if you want to join us in the challenge, head on over and sign up!!! 
here are the list of the 20 items -

In Disguise
Fall Colors

A Jack O’lantern
a Shot from the Ground
a Landscape
a Fall Tradition
Faces formed in Nature (anything that looks like a face but isn’t : examples here)
Tilt-Shift Photography (Tutorial Here) (Tilt-Shift Maker here)
B & W with selective coloring (Tutorial here)
Bokeh (Tutorial here)
Best Photo taken October 23rd
Something from the Kitchen
Something Vintage
Something Creepy
Something Golden
A Self-Portrait

anyone else up for the challenge??!! ;]


MandeeFoFandee said...

wooo! so excited you decided to do this! we'll do some of them together, it'll be fun! :)

Jeska said...

that looks like fun :) I may join.

Miranda Ward said...

I am now following from the Thirsty Thursday blog hop. If you haven't already please come by and follow me back thanks