October 22, 2010

friday fun!

man, friday's are like the epitome of my existence! ESPECIALLY friday's where i have something suppppper fun and excited planned for the follow day - like this very friday here! :)
another reason friday's are awesome - is that there are so many fun things in the blogging world for fridays! [hops, pictures, questionairres]
so let the fun begin :]

first off - in the photo friday :)
sass pants ;]

also - i'm participating [for the first time ever] in 'fill in the blank friday' brought to you by the little things we do - referred by the bear naked truth.

1. I am ... twenty six years old, weird.

2. I wish ... my dad lived in maryland.

3. I like ... painted fingernails, backrubs, girl time, kisses from my boys, owls, days off work, shopping, cooking, blogging and good food! 

4. I can ... braid my hair with one hand! [look for me on yo gabba gabba's cool tricks! hehehe]
5. I hope ...  kullen is a good boy at the melting pot tomorrow night!
6. I think ... i have the best friends a girl could ask for!

7. I was ... a good girl all year so santa baby, hurry down the chimney toniiiiight! ;]

aaaand - hello to any newbie stopping by from -


Mrs. Mommy said...

Thank you so much for joining in my blog hop last week and passing it on! Please feel free to come join in this week as well. :0)


Mrs. Mommy said...

Hello! I gave you an award on my blog. It's an owl! ;0) Come over and pick it up when you have the chance!