October 20, 2010

eye candy

i'm stealing this from mandee :) she occasionally posts an eye candy blog with home decor so i figured i'd post my own little version ;)
andy whitfield ♥

billy currington ♥

bradley cooper ♥

dierks bentley ♥

alexander skarsgard ♥

kellan lutz ♥

james marsden ♥

skeet ulrich ♥

rob pattinson ♥

mark wahlberg ♥

ryan gosling ♥

eminem ♥

ryan phillippe ♥

keith urban ♥

michael c hall ♥

leonardo dicaprio ♥

desmond harrington ♥

alexander semin ♥

shia lebouf ♥

ok, enough drooling ladies ;]


MandeeFoFandee said...

I've been posting these versions too! NOM! loving that picture of Bradley Cooper. I could eat him.

Elizabeth said...


Unknown said...

holy smokes. I am LOVING Shia right now too ;)

Ashley said...

I can't stop drooling at how hot Billy Currington is!!!

Stephanie said...

::wipes drool::

Surely it was just an oversight, but I noticed you somehow left Channing Tatum off your hot guys list. I feel that this needs to be rectified:



kaley said...

i definitely forgot mr. tatum!!! apologies ladies ;]