October 29, 2010

cute kid contest!

thanks to Freckles and Fudge and Unexpected Surprises for hosting this AMAZING contest!

of courrrrse - i had to enter kullen in this contest! and just a little disclaimer - even if he doesn't win first, second or third place - he is still the cutest kid to me :) [and possibly a few others!]

obviously, he's my son, so he is the cutest thing on earth but seriously, we get stopped EVERYWHERE we go by people telling me how cute he is, or how gorgeous his eyes are, and how adorable his gap-toothed grin is! on top of it all, he has an amazing cute personality. he is the baddest of bad sometimes but can cure all wrong with one cute smile!

i mean, look at that stank face - could he be any cuter?! ;]
even with a ninny stuck in his mouth, i still look at him and see perfection.

he loves to have fun and laugh!

my little kullen is definitely the cutest little rockstar baby and deserves to win the title as "cutest kid"!

even with a little elvis snarl - he is still ahhhh-dorable :D
SO!!!! if all my wonderful readers could vote for my cutie patootie - that'd be GREATLY appreciated!


Blogs said...

thanks for entering:) i am updating all pages now but wondered if you tried putting his name in under other. just put kullen and see if it works...just something i was trying so people didn't have to wait for me to do updates.:) thanks....

Jeska said...