September 23, 2010

fisher price party

as some of you may have read, in THIS post, i was selected by House Party to host a Fisher Price play date party! i chose to host my party this past sunday and it turned out amazing. House Party together with Fisher Price sent me a bunch of goodies and toys [which i blogged about in that previous post] for the kids to play with and try out in hopes that the parents would see how much the kids loved the toys and purchase them for their kids. i really think this idea worked. i heard a few parents say 'looks like i'll be buying this for christmas' ;)
i wanted to share a few pictures from our party and also thank everyone who came out and enjoyed the toys and company! kullen had a blast with his friends and new toys, thats for sure!
i also have some coupon codes left over for free shipping on - if anyone wants them - send me an email and i'll be happy to give them to you!

the mr. setting up all the toys for the kids :)

goodie bags :)

kullen and autumn playing with the learn & move music station!

my boy being a daredevil on the stride-to-ride dino!

the spinnin' sounds speedway - which seemed to be the hit of the party!

everything being played with :)

so all in all, our party was a huge success. another BIG thanks to House Party and Fisher Price for selecting me to host this party. I love House Party's idea of parties being hosted to promote new items. in fact, i've already applied for a few more .. here's hoping i get selected :)

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Still Standing ... said...

I so wish we could have made it !!