August 27, 2010

this girl is ...

BEHIND on blogging. so, not to anyone's surprise, instead of catching up - i will take the tiny bit of time i have today and do a survey! HAHA! :) but, to justify it some .. i was tagged therefore FORCED to do this, making it a part of my 'catch up' list actually! so, HA! :)

mandee over at the bear naked truth tagged me in this wonderrrful survey - and i am going to copy her and also add pictures to catch your eyeballs just a tad more! ;]

i'm guessing the way this tagged survey works - is that i answer mandee's chosen questions, tag 8 people of my choice and force ask them to answer 8 of my questions! soooo - here goes. i'll start with mandee's questions first!

1. have you ever seen your favorite band live, and if you have, did they live up to your expectations?
i have seen everyone of my favorite bands live :) if you wanna go wayyyyy back to my very first favorite band - the Cruz Boys! saw them every year at the Gospel Light Youth Conference! i've seen hanson, new kids on the block, maroon 5, chevelle, incubus, paramore and most recently - sublime w/ rome AND the dirty heads. each and everyone one of them lived up to my expectations and then some :D
incubus and paramore are probably the best that i've seen live =D

2. what is your drink of choice?

3. what is your most cherished memory from your childhood?
this one was tough ... i can't pinpoint just one. but man, i do miss those carefree days of playing outside until the sun goes down - or going to a friends and playing barbies in the basement :D

4. quick! there's some kind of natural disaster and you can only grab three things from your house to save (all people and animals have escaped unharmed)... what do you pick?
fireproof safe - which contains important documents (marriage/kullen stuff)
my nikon!

5. if you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive, famous or not), who would it be?

6. who is your favorite comedian?
daniel tosh. yum!

7. what is your favorite sport, and who is your favorite team from that sport?
hockey, fo sho. i used to have a wonderful love affair with football but now that i've met hockey ... oh football has been pushed to the back burner! ;]
annnnd i love my alex semin ♥

8. have you ever been accused of something you didn't do?
ha, story of my life!!! i couldn't even begin to list the things that fall under this category but luckily, i'm not talking about anything serious or law-breaking! but, for some reason i'm always the one to blame! ;] i think perhaps it because i'm a little too nice sometimes and people now they can put things on me and get away with it?! luckily - life has changed a bit and it isn't that way much anymore ;]

i'm tagging:
ashley @ our crazy fun life
jessi @ caterpillar family
heather @ the best of both worlds
jessica @ living our love song
candice @ stash mama
megan @ a ruffle in time.3
stephanie @ confessions of a trophy wife
jill @ a masters and a mom

my questions -
1. what is your favorite recipe/thing to cook? [and feel free to share the recipe for ME to try! haha]
2. what is your favorite hobby?
3. what is the best memory with your significant other?
4. what is the biggest life changing event you've been through?
5. what is your favorite song? and why?
6. how do you find the time to blog?!! [give me the secret! haha]
7. which celeb do you get compared too most often?
8. who is the biggest influence in your life?

i can't wait to read everyones responses!!!



The Best of Both Worlds said...

Ooooh something for me to do eh!

Well I will try my hardest to do this now.


stash mama said...

Thanks!!! I send you the link as soon as its up! Stash Mama

JIll said...

Thanks! This gave me something to do.