August 23, 2010

mean girl ...

yes, it's true - i was once known as a mean girl. i wouldn't go as far to say that i'm 100% NOT a mean girl anymore but i have come a very LONG way. but - there is always room for improvement inside the inner workings of kaley :)

so while catching up on my reader - i came across humboldt cherry's latest blog. inner mean girl reform school? hmm .. interesting.

when i visited the website - i realized that this is definitely for me! judgement? gossip? comparison? all of which i am definitely guilty of and could always improve in ... so WHY NOT!
i am taking the plunge. it starts on wednesday and goes for 6 weeks!

feel free to check out the Mean Girl Cleanse website and join with me.
here's to a better/wiser me in 6 weeks :)


Unknown said...

This literally made me LOL. I might join you... but do I reallyyyyy have to give up gossip? haha.

kaley said...

BAAHAHA!!! that will be my hardest one also - butttt - it's not gossip if it's true! ;] LOOPHOLE! hehehe

Unknown said...

BAAAAAAHAHA! True ;) I guess I'll just have to fact check before I broadcast.

Unknown said...

Here's to a New Us!