August 20, 2010

margherita pizza!

last week while we were in connecticut visiting my family - we convinced my uncle marty to make margherita pizza. my nana has a basil plant growing on her back porch so i picked some fresh basil for our pizza.

once my uncle was home from work - we gathered in the kitchen and watched/helped/took pictures of the pizza making process! ;]

my cute nana showing off her rolling pin which was a wedding gift for her and my grandy 52 [i think?!] years ago!

uncle marty throwing pizza dough up in the air and the kitchen filled with laughter!

spreading the pizza sauce ...

slicing and placing the fresh mozzarella onto the pizza ...

sprinkling the sauted basil on top ...
kullen lovin on his 2nd cousin manda while the pizza bakes!

and voilaaaa - pizza is done! i hardly got a picture before the boys [and myself] ate it all up! it was DELISH!!! :D
we even fried up our own homemade french fries :)

and, i captured this video just to show you a glipse of how HILARIOUS this process was! ;)

nana knew i loved the basil plant SO much that when she ran to the grocery store later - she picked me up one of my very own :D i couldn't WAIT to get back home and make our own margherita pizza :D

so, once we got home and got to the grocery store to get our cheese and dough we were ready to go! my sister came over last night so i figured it was a perfect night to make it! :D next time - i think i'll make my own dough because the store bought refridgerated dough just wasn't as good! but we still devoured it, none the less! ;]

first - roll out your dough. then chop and fry your basil in olive oil for a couple minutes. be careful you don't burn it!

then slick your mozzarella cheese as thin as you can. don't get discouraged if you don't get it thin - because its HARD to do. and once you put it in the oven, it melts nicely anyway!

next spread your pizza/tomato sauce onto your rolled out dough. i just used a can of crushed tomatoes - but you can use whatever you'd like!

top with the mozzarella slices and sauted basil -

baked at 425 until dough is light brown and cooked through. [or if you're using the packaged refridgerated dough - cook per package] when there is about 5 mintues left - take pizza out and brush edges with olive oil. when you're pizza is done - drizzle with the olive oil again if you'd like.

and enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

That video was super funny... I sure hope yall enjoyed it! And we might just try that at home! Thanks for sharing

Sandra said...

This looks delicious. And i'm all about peering into people's lives via their pictures so this post was so thoroughly what I love!

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

Quiet the memory my Dear. It surely was a fun night. Yours turned out great.