August 16, 2010

day seven

day 07 – a song that reminds you of a certain event

i wasn't too sure which song to pick for this one. actually, i wanted to keep up with these posts and do them while i was in connecticut but it was a little overwhelming with everything else going on so it got put on the back burner. so today, i have a full day of training here at work (UGH) so i was determined to get this done BEFORE then. so, i spent all morning thinking of which song i'd pick for this one.
since i already used purple rain [which reminds me of ocean city/purple moose] in a previous post, i decided to pick another song that reminds me of my love ♥
so i chose -

is this love by bob marley

in 2002 - i was working up in bowie and some of my coworkers were going out to a place called jaspers after work for dinner. i decided that i would go with them and adam met me up there. after dinner, we were all hanging out - playing pool and dancing to the music on the jukebox when adam decided he wanted to pick some songs. i told him he had to dedicate one song to me ;] so, a few songs later ... 'is this love' came on. i was swaying and singing along when adam came over and whispered 'this is what i picked' :] we had only started dating a few months prior and hadn't said the L word yet. this was our first introduction! :] he definitely picked a good song and anytime i hear it - i'm always brought back to that night at jaspers!

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