July 12, 2010

& i'd like to thank ...

God, my husband, my family and friends for making this all possible .. ;] hehe, just kidding!

guess who got another award? this giiiiirl! :)
HUGE thanks to jessi over at caterpillar family :) head over to her newly vamped blog and check her out! and grab her super cute button too!! =D jessi is an amazing blogger as well as mother and her green ideas, babywearing and ERF thoughts are truly inspiring - not to mention she's pretty darn funny! ;]

she passed the sunshine award on to me - because i light up her life, right jessi? hehe!

so the rules are -
1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you (thanks jessi!!!)
2. List 7 things that people may not know about you
3. pass the love to 15 deserving bloggers that you have discovered recently
4. let them know that you gave them an award

easy enough. being that i just got the versatile blogger award last week and listed 7 things - i am going to switch it up a tad and just list 7 random things about my weekend! here goes -

1. kullen slept in his crib every night without waking up once :) HOORAAAYYY!
2. i started working on my kindle cover (which is a total disaster, post to follow)
3. i meal planned for the next two weeks (also post to follow)
4. i got to see lots of babies over the weekend, thus intensifying my baby fever!
5. i organized and cleaned MOST of the house ;]
6. saved 10.75$ using coupons at one of my grocery trips!
7. bought kullen a toy box and put it together myself. now my living room looks somewhat tidy :)

and now - the lucky 15 areeeee [drum roll pleaseeeee!]

1. jenni from the blog
2. la buena vida
3. living semi-crunchy
4. sisters' stuff
5. adventures in cloth diapering
6. the vaughns
7. random pockets of chaos
8. tales of a domestic goddess
9. adventures in mommyhood
10. life with leah
11. my little apricot
12. heidbrink happenings
13. life uncommon
14. a ruffle in time
15. the crafty nest - who will be excused from reposting since she just gave an early birth to her son :) congrats!

so, there ya go. this was hard picking JUST 15! hahaha! :)
hope everyone had a great weekend!


Victoria said...

aww thank you! :) Definitely check out a water park!

Yay for Kullen, sleeping all the way through without waking up once is like hitting the lotto lol

I don't have a Kindle, but I have a nook and love love it!

Jenn said...

Thank you for the blog award! :) I see you got the pretty font to work!

Megan Smith said...

thank you for the award dear :)!

jenni from the blog said...

Aww, thanks so much mama!

alison said...

why thank you ever so much :) and i got me some baby fever the other day after just LOOKING at a friend's beautiful baby girl in church. i might have said as much to her and her hubs heard and announced that he was reporting that info to my husband. whoops!