July 30, 2010

day one

day 01 – your favorite song

wow. first of all, let me say that this entire '30 day project' is A LOT harder than i thought. i posted the challenge on wednesday and had honestly planned on posting day one THAT day but my mind was boggled. this continued wednesday night and all day yesterday. i've decided that i just HAVE to begin today. it is EXTREMELY hard for me to pick just ONE favorite song. like, seriously, don't even KNOW where to begin here. i have SO many 'favorites' and for SO many different reasons. the point of this challenge is probably to have fun with it - but of course, i find myself stressing because i know that as SOON as i hit the post button, i will think 'whyyyy did i choose that song - i totally forgot about this one'!

so, favorite song. favorite ALL TIME song? gosh. i try to think of a song that i've loved for years and has never gotten old to me (again, i know of more than one). so, during the past day and half that i've been pondering - one song remains constant. this would be 'purple rain' by prince. [any of my giLs surprised by this choice? haha]
i have loved purple rain from the moment these lobes heard that beautiful melody! i don't even KNOW why - it was just love at first hear. anytime it comes on, i immediately stop what i'm doing and belt out along with prince. i guess if i really want to dig deep, there is a line in the song that reminds me of a certain time in my life although i don't believe the song is MEANT like that. of course, everyone can have their own interpretation of the song but i think its about a guy and a girl - who have feelings for each other but the guy won't cross the line because the girl is with someone already and because of those circumstances - they couldn't even have a friendship.
none the less - i don't like this song based on meaning. i just absolutely LOVE it. i love to sing my little heart out at the top of my lungs and twist (because i won't say that i really DANCE) around like crazy - as if i'm in the recording studio singing it myself! ;]
i vow to one day sing this song on karaoke. in fact, every single time i go - i beg someone to sing it with me - but sadly, nobody knows it entirely like myself. one day, i'll be brave enough to do it alone! haha!

random fact - i've never even seen the movie "purple rain"
anyone seen it? should i watch the movie considering a song from the movie (right, it IS from the movie? is it based on the movie?) is my favorite song?! ;]

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icepicked said...

I love the song too and love the movie ! ! Alot of good music ! ! so Kaley go rent it