June 22, 2010

my boy is one!

it's hard to believe that it's already been a year since my kullen was born. he has brought so much joy into my life, it's hard to even put it all into words. you always have these fantasies about what it will be like once you're a mother but you can't really FEEL or KNOW what it's like until it happens to you. Watching my little man grow the past year has brought many emotions that i didn't even know i had. most of all - being proud. don't get me wrong - i have been 'proud' in my lifetime .. proud of myself, proud of my friends and family .. but nothing has ever come close to how proud this little man makes me, and without even trying. it's so funny, he can clap his hands and i am PROUD! i love knowing that everything he learns is from me and adam - and of course the few other influences in his life [sitter/playmates]. so with that said, let me brag about kullen for a minute and everything he is doing at ONE year old! :)

crawling - you are a PROFESSIONAL crawler.
talking - 'baba' is your current favorite, followed by 'mama' and then 'dada'. when you sees kazi [our cat] you'll makes the 'k' sound, so i'm not sure if its 'k' for kazi or 'c' for cat .. either way, you're getting it! you also babble like crazy, not making any sense, but still cute none the less.
pulling up - again, probably a professional 'puller-upper'
standing - as long as you have something to pull yourself up on, you can stand by yourself for long periods of time, sometimes you wobble and begin to lose balance but you quickly recover. if only you'd learn that you can walk that way then i know you'd be a professional walker as well.
you've taken ONE step. the day before your first birthday, you took ONE step and then fell to your butt. walking is soon.
eating - you LOVE to eat. LOVE IT. spaghetti is one of your favorites but really there isn't anything you won't eat. i'm hoping the transition from bottle to food/milk only goes smoothly and i think it will due to the fact you'll just about eat anything. hopefully we can master the sippy cup!
which brings us to - the sippppy cup - you are still not an expert but when you are thirsty, boy do you guzzle it down. i rarely give you juice but you do love water, which is great!
playing - of course you're a professional playerrrr too! you absoluely LOVE 'patty cakes' - you giggle and clap the entire time and sometimes you will even do it without my help!
swimming - BOY! you are a fish! those swimming classes definitely paid off because you kick those feet and move those arms just as if you were actually swimming! you rarely fuss when we're at the pool and just want to 'swim' the wholeeee time! which i am SO happy about - not sure if you knew it, but mama was a little fish herself ;)
high-fives - you can give high-fives on demand, WHEN YOU WANT. it's kinda funny because we will want you to show off your awesome high-five skills and you won't do it, as if saying 'i am not here for your amusement!' daddy is most proud of this because he taught it to you :) go dad!
kisses - anddd thanks to ME - you can give kisses. they aren't proper closed mouth kisses but they are kisses none the less! you must have heard me say 'kisssss' so many times that you just figured out you can fall into me with your mouth wide open and it makes me happy :) sometimes you get annoyed, i can tell, and i'll have to be a nagging mom and say 'kiss kiss kiss kiss kisssss' and you'll finally give in ;) so much personality for such a little man!
sing - you can sing! well, it's more like a hum ... you just softly coo and carry on but it't not babble .. so i have concluded that you are singing! :)
bite - unfortunately, you can bite. sometimes you'll play around with us and bite our legs or toes and although we tell you 'no' - we can't help but giggle at you. i know that you are just learning what these new teeth can do and it's not like you know what you're doing but i definitely don't want you to become a biter!

i'm sure there are plenty more things that you do that i am just totally forgetting about but those are the main things. of course, i didn't mention it but you obviously can sit up by yourself and roll over - you did those early on. i wish i was blogging back then so i could blog about every little accomplishment =( just realize i wasn't in the blog world and if i do so for your sibling(s) - don't get mad at me. it't not favortism, just something i wasn't doing then that i am now! ;)

the past year has been a learning experience, for sure. learning that you have to get a child ready as well as yourself, learning what resturants you should avoid - based on experience ;) learning that sometimes, meltdowns will occur and you will simply have to stop whatever you're doing and go home and deal with it there. learning that car rides work wonders! learning that every decision you make is based around the tinest little being. learning that what you once cared about, doesn't matter much anymore as long as your baby is happy. learning what fear really is.
speaking of that ... the one thing you struggled with was high fevers. twice i had to call your pediatrician in the middle of the night for high fevers (104) and the first time, she told me to give you the highest dose of tylenol and bring you in the morning - which i did. you had an ear infection. the second time i took you right the ER because you were shaking, from chills. the stupid ER said you were FINE but i just KNEW something wasn't right so i took you to your pediatrician the next day and sure enough, you had double ear infection!
i guess that's something else you learn - mothers instinct. although, i guess you don't technically LEARN that - it just happens, out of nowhere.

all in all mr. man - you have had an excellent first year. you've done well with all your shots and aside from a few colds and ear infections, you've been extremely healthy! especially considered you were kept back in the NICU!
and speaking of that ... one year ago today was the first time i had to leave you. it still breaks my heart to know that i had to leave you behind in that hostpital, with nobody to hold you or love on you quite like a mother would. but i'm glad to know that you are in perfect health and best believe i have made up for those 2 1/2 days since!!

i love you kullen douglas. i am SO thankful that i was blessed with such an amazing little boy. <3


Unknown said...

awwww Kaley I love it!! And I saw that first step ;) YAY :)

daniii♥ said...

These pictures are adorable!!! Happy birthday to him!!!