May 24, 2010

week in advance

'just get through this week' is the motto. i have already told myself that oh, about fourty times! you seeeeee - we leave for myrtle beach on saturday morning!!! and by we - i mean just me, adam and kullen! :D i couldn't be MORE excited for a vacation! although my mom & mitchell will be down there for Lori's wedding - we are not staying with them .. so it will mainly be just us :)
so - i'm pre-planning my week on my blog. maybe it will help me stick with the plan! i've been meaning to do this anyway for dinners but haven't gotten around to it just yet. go fig. haha!

monday - 24th -
work until 3:30. pick up kullen from stephanies. go to babies R us to get formula and any other beach necessities (sunblock is all we NEED, wonder what i'll WANT) & hopefully squeezing victoria secret in as well - to spend my giftcard from mothers day.
adam has a tattoo appointment after work so i am possibly doing dinner with connie, jenni and kids. i'm sure adam and i will be home at the same time so our evening will just consist of giving kullen a tub, getting him to sleep and getting ourselves ready for tomorrow. bleh.

tuesday - 25th -
work until 3:30. stop by palm beach and get my tan on (to prevent burning in myrtle)
doing ALL laundry and putting things aside for MB.
dinner - stuffed green peppers.

wednesday - 26th -
working until 3:30. possibly running errands to look for beach chairs and cheap towels. cleaning up the house so we don't come home to a big messy house!
dinner - (weather permitting) steaks on the grill, seasoned baked poatoes and a veg.

thursday - 27th -
working until 3:30. stop by palm beach and tan. go to escape nail salon and get my deluxe pedicure with hot pink nail polish! :) home to continue cleaning and packing for MB.
dinner - coconut crusted salmon with long grain wild rice.

friday - 28th
working until 3:30. home to finish any cleaning and pack everything up for MB. pack everything in the trunk. make grocery list for MB. make MB budget. SLEEEEEP! :)
dinner - hamburger helper or spaghetti.

hopefully i stick to this list. i think if i have it all laid out, it will be easier to get everything accomplished! we shall see :)

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