May 26, 2010

morning rage

let me set the scene for you ... early morning, approximately 6:14am, driving down RT 5 before the 301/5 split. approaching the brandywine crossing shopping center (right by bonefish) - i am enjoying my lovely chocolate glazed donut coffee and not so much enjoying the typical morning traffic when out of nowhere this BRIGHT BLUE ford focus whips from behind me, into the turning late (as if to turn into bonefish) but does not turn. instead he jumps in front of me! now, i had recently been involved in a rear-ending accident so i know to keep my distance and THANK GOD i did or else i would have hit him! so, i let it go .. obviously this guy was in a hurry to get nowhere fast and i did let out a chuckle as the light turned red right as he was approaching it. so, anyway .. few minutes later, we are up by the split and i could not get over into the middle lane to stay on 5. i had my blinker on but nobody would let me over so in order to avoid getting honked at from the people behind me trying to go on 301, i went up to where the split is and proceeded to inch my way into the traffic. well what do you know, the BRIGHT BLUE car that cut me off a few miles back was the car i was trying to get in front of ... well of course this a-hole jumps up and is bumper to bumper with the car in front of him so i'm left sitting there. i look over and he is saying "what the F are you doing??!!" so i just mouthed "i need to get over?" ... so, since he wasn't letting me - i went around him and the car in front of him and got in (plenty of room) - he honks his horn which makes the car in front of him think he was honking at her and she honks back, shaking her fist in the mirror at him (HAHA) ... 'he's just mad he drives a BRIGHT BLUE FORD FOCUS', was my initial thought! :) so traffic starts to move and he gets in the lane over and comes up and drives right beside me. i am still enjoying my coffee, trying not to let this jerk get to me but i looked over anyway. he is cussing up a storm at me and steadily driving beside me. at this point, the angry kaley comes out and steam starts blowing from my ears ... so it was okay for him to jump into a TURNING lane and then cut me off, but it's not okay for me to try and merge into traffic and when he wouldn't LET me; to jus go around him? had he of just let me in what would it have done? caused him to be ONE car behind in the millions in front of us?
at this point ... all things are running through my head. i will follow him and ask him what his deal was. nahhh, can't take that risk. i will chase him down, get his license plate number and call the police and say he was drinking and driving (even though he wasn't) .. yep, that's what i'll do. ;) i spent the next half of my drive searching all over for him. i even put in my gangsta eminem cd (ahhaaha) and was singing a long ... 'you don't, wanna f w/ kaleyyyyy cuz kaleyyyy will f'in kill you'
haha! :)
finally, when i was almost into DC and never did see him again (i came to the conclusion that he saw the fire in my eyes and steam from my ears and got scared and pulled off somewhere) so, i gave up my hunt. no sense in being kaley the blue focus hunter anymore.

i swear, something about wednesdays - it's always something. so - i am determined not to let it bother me. he was ugly and driving a stupid BRIGHT BLUE focus and probably has a grimy, low paying job and hates himself because no girls like him - so THAT'S why he was such a bitter a-hole at 6AM! ;]

happy wednesday!

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Jenn said...

Omg that is too funny! I swear, MVA just gives licenses to anybody these days!