April 28, 2010

the ketchup blog! ;]

hello readers/bloggers - it's been a while! things have been kinda crazy and i don't even know where i last left off. i think it was yet another catch-up [ketchup!! hehe] blog! figures. i swear, one day i will be totally organized - even my thoughts and this blogging thing will be a cinch .. until then, bear with me!

lets see ... my 365 project is still going - although i haven't been faithful on uploading my picturse to flickr :( buuuut it's a lengthy process .. uploading from camera, then to flickr and then naming/organizing them not to mention my son is OBSESSSSSED with laptops! try getting on a laptop when he's awake - you will have a kullen attempting to crawl all over you so he can get to those keys and 'tap tap tapppp' ;) so my computer time is limited - mostly at work, which sometimes i dooooo actually have work that needs to be done! haha! anyway ... 365, going good ... i have taken at least one picture per day ... and i'm trying not to make them ALL of kullen! this one is my favorite, by far ...

my dad, robin and paige came down two weekends ago - and we throughly enjoyed their stay! me, zannie and paige decided on a whim to get our cartlidge peirced twice .. which HURTTTTTT! but apparently only hurt me! haha! but yeah, slacker of the year .... no pictures! bleh.
while they were down - we also went to the flea market, watched some movies and ate at hibatchi! YUM! we love that place. on saturday evening, after hibatchi - i noticed that kullen was feeling a little warm. so i took his temp and it was of course - higher than it should be. :( we monitored it and kept it down with motrin but on sunday, it was yet again back up and he was shaking (like chills) after 24 hours of a fever and placing a call to his doctor at home - we decided to take him to the ER. they gave him more tylenol and motrin and got the fever to break. they checked him for pneumnomia, which was clear - and said he just had a cold. on monday - he STILL had a fever so i took him to his pediatricians office where she discovered he had a severe ear infection in both ears - way to miss that one ER. So after 48hrs of amoxicillian the fever finally broke and has not returned! phew!!! :D

so my little man was better by the weekend!! which came at a perfect time considering we got tickets to the caps game 5!!! we were SO excited to go .. unfortunately they freakin LOST :[ womp womp ... but overall, we really had a great time. its nice to be able to get out once in a while and enjoy ourselves!

and this was actually from the last game that adam and joey went too - they got the tickets from our friends sunny and jay ... which were AWESOMEEE seats! but he took a picture of my other man alex semin for me <3

sooo - onto a new week and guess what - we've had another misfortune! ;] my poor little mancub was bitten by a rabbit!! now that he is pulling up on everything in site - he pulled up onto the bunny cage - and the bunny got him! i personally think the bunny saw those fat little fingers of his and thought they were carrots and decided to munch! thankfully - he didn't affect the bone nor did they stitch him - and he is doing just fine! you would never know that something happened - he was using that hand to play and eat and crawl like normal! but of course i took a few pics - these are from my camera phone so i apologize for the quality! haha!
this is the underside of his finger -

and this is the top - the bunny bit his nail a tad!

and this is him the night of - all bandaged up, cuddling with me <3

so that's what been going on the last two weeks in the lovely poag world! haha
adam got some more of his tattoo done on monday evening but i haven't gotten around to uploading those pictures - maybe i can tonight or tomorrow considering adam will be gone :[ he has school tonight and then tomorrow he has to go back to the hall to get his graduation pictures taken :D i am so proud of my hubby ... he graduates june 5th! :) we have waited a longggg time for this day ... 5 years to be exact! haha!! i couldn't be more proud!
i did take one picture of his tattoo though ... he got 'kNa' done in the tree of his sleeve! ;) he was originally going to do kaley + adam .. like oldschool etched in a tree - but we thought kNa was more appropriate! we've always been referred to as kNa and now its definitely permanent ... well, unlesss i piss him off and he covers it up!! hehe! ;]

<3 - k

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